Discover our challenge for the 2022 HackUPC

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Our challenge: LET’S PLAY!

We want you to build a game. Something that helps people in future hackathons to take a break from their coding work and have some fun. No rules. Free topic.  

What are we looking for:

  • Something simple.
  • As said, any type of game works. But better if it's based on resolving a challenging problem or situation
  • With a short playtime.
  • A web-based application, to play mostly from your phone.

What we don’t need (although you can use it if you want):

  • Sophisticated interfaces or graphic engines.
  • Keeping profiles, scores, or any other.
  • Any specific technology or framework. So use what you feel comfortable with.

What would be nice:

  • Some kind of collaborative or one-vs-one feature

Our prizes

The three best proposals will win these prizes, one for each team member.

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